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Hello all,

I hope you and your families are keeping safe and well as we approach our tenth week of lockdown.

I’m sure you saw the shock news that we are allowed to reopen on Monday the 8th  June, we will update you over this coming week with respect to arranging appointments.  We will be sending out a practice letter to you all in the next week with further details. The challenge all dental practices face at this time is procuring suitable PPE which will limit the scope of our treatments initially. This may lead to us prioritising patients with problems first before commencing routine treatment.

Rest assured we are busy working away behind the scenes, making all the necessary changes required so that we are able safely resume service as soon as possible. Your safety is our number one priority and there will be some changes at the practice to ensure this.

We are aware many of you may have dental concerns while we are closed, and we would like to reassure you that we are still here 5 days a week to answer your calls and offer advice.  We know toothache cannot be put on hold and all 3 of our dentists are working on a rota system to ensure you always have someone on hand to offer advice or antibiotics and analgesics if required.

I am pleased to announce that we now have a local emergency dental hub up and running that we can refer those patients in urgent need of treatment to. Please be advised this is only for patients in urgent need with pain, swelling, bleeding or trauma that we have been unable to successfully treat with advice, antibiotics, or analgesics. They have had great difficulty sourcing the protective equipment (PPE) they need to see and treat patients safely so we are keen to reduce the burden on them and triage as many of our patients as we can through telephone consultations with our own dentists.

We are also keen to reduce the burden on an already overloaded A&E and calls to the NHS helpline at 111 so please do use us as your first port of call for any concerns. During these difficult times we are offering this service to anyone who contacts the practice.

We hope you will continue to follow the governments advice to stay alert, stay at home and help prevent the spread of Covid-19 further.

We are very much looking forward to resuming our normal services and we hope to see you all in the very near future. We would like to thank all our patients for their understanding at this unprecedented time.

Best wishes from our dentists Mark, Ali & Mike, plus all of our super team, Heather, Jackie, Di, Claire, Judith, Dawn, Alex, Dennis, Susan & Vani

Stay Safe, Stay home, Keep Well and Take Care


A message from Mark (16/04/2020)

Hi to you all and hope you are keeping safe and well!

During this enforced time of restriction each dentist, on a rota system, is attending the practice on a daily basis for emergency advice  including antibiotic prescription if required and we all hope that once the “lock down” has been eased we can return to some form of normality !

  Until that time I thought I would tell you what I have been up to during those days at home -my wife and I are approaching our 30th wedding anniversary and I am pleased to say that this “lockdown” has not driven us mad yet lol but she has given me lots of jobs to complete!(those jobs I have put off with the excuse of little time !) So I have finished off the painting of the utility room -not a bad finish if I say so myself lol- have baked a loaf of bread (not quite ready to be a “master baker “quite yet!)-am following the recipes of the Italian chef, Gino de Campo and I can’t quite believe that they are tasting almost edible lol or at least the family are being kind in giving me 7/10 for effort!! We are very fortunate where we live as we can go for walks in the countryside,as part of our once a day exercise,and my wife is very fit so so these walks are in the region of 4miles  -now I know some of you might think that doesn’t sound very long but try telling that to my hips lol

 Well I had better sign off now as I can hear my dear wife calling for another job to be done ! but hope sincerely you are all keeping safe and can’t wait to see you all very soon!

Best wishes,


Updates from our fantastic team:

Alex (Dental Nurse)

I have started working out with a new DVD at home using weights.  All be it light weights, it’s still pretty brutal.  Last week was my first week of weight training and I have only just stopped walking like Robocop! I have been walking for an hour every day, making the most of the beautiful sunshine â��ï¸ï¿½ I don’t know if it will help me lose weight but it feels good doing it.  ð���ð��¼‍â��ï¸ï¿½ ð��� Later today I will jog around the block just to see if I can do it.  Also the lounge has been painted!  Hurray!  Hope everyone has been staying safe and feeling well.  Looking forward to seeing you all soon x

 Judith (Dental Nurse)

Hello to all our patients. I really hope that you are all keeping safe & well in these very strange times.

Since being unable to work I have kept myself very busy taking advantage of the time spring cleaning the house and cooking some of my favourite meals that I would normally not have the time to make.

I also have two very boisterous dogs who think I should still be getting up at 5am and taking them for a walk. At least there are very few people about at that time of the day therefore keeping to the social distancing that has been forced upon us. I would like to be able to say that my garden is looking as pristeen as the house, but it is the dogs play ground and resembles a military training ground at the moment so I wont be entering the Fareham In Bloom competition this year!!!

Thankfully, with modern technology I have been able to ‘see’ my daughters on a regular basis and have a good catch up on Whats App.

I know that myself and the team at the practice are very keen to return to work and look forward to seeing you all in the not too distant future.

Take care - Judith

Susan (Dental Hygienist)

I have been trying to find a routine for the days when I would normally be at work. I get up by 7.30am and get out for my daily walk, exercise, with my dog. Normally my husband accompanies me but I do think we need some time apart and I am not used to being in his company 24/7. He hurt his back gardening and I have enjoyed my solo walks. After lunch, the garden has been suffering from constant tidying and will be glad when it has a rest tomorrow as the forecast is for rain. The campervan is feeling sorry for itself stuck on the drive during the lovely weather and was surprised when it was still there over the Easter weekend. I have enrolled for dental webinars and I am keeping up to date with dental matters. I enjoy my work and I miss it dreadfully and I am looking forward to seeing all my patients and their teeth again soon. X

Vani (Dental Hygienist)

 Good day my fellow lockdowners :) I must admit that I’ve been trying to approach these surreal times from a positive perspective.  It’s in my nature to keep busy so I generally always have something to do.  My initial fear was that I’d run out of things to do during lockdown… On the contrary, because at the start of this new lifestyle, I decided to indulge in a water pressure cleaner which to my delight has satisfied my passion to clean things :D

 Following on from blitzing everything I could find, I went on to tidying our garden.  In between these activities, I’ve been able to explore my culinary talents whilst taking a trip down memory lane as I’ve experimented with my late mum’s recipes.  

 Needless to say, Dental hygiene will remain my main job !! :)

 To maintain a balanced state of mind,  I’ve managed to do daily morning yoga.  Occasionally alternating with Pilates and Zumba.  We’re lucky to be residing in such a lovely part of England, so my family and I have been on occasional walks down to the beach or just around the village.  

 As we have another few weeks of lockdown to go, I hope to cover some CPD ( Continuing professional development) to remind me of my actual job!

  I must admit that even though I’m taking this new lifestyle in my stride, I very much miss my work as it not only satisfies my professional need but also socially… I welcome the much needed environmental benefits but sincerely look forward to the eventual halt to the action of this dreaded virus.

 Please stay well and safe.  Hope to see all of you soon!

 Kind regards, Vani

Dawn (Dental Nurse)

Hello to all our lovely patients. Well these are strange times. I hope you are all keeping safe and finding things to do to help the days go by.

I am at home with my husband who is still working at Fawley refinery and 2 dogs. Days are spent with a nice dog walk. I don’t think there is anything left that needs cleaning or cupboard that needs re organising. The weather is helping so spending time in the garden pottering about or having a cuppa with the occasional biscuit

I am missing my 18month old granddaughter so much but know the more we all abide by the rules the quicker we can all be with our loved ones.

I’m missing my 2 days in the surgery with Mark perhaps not the singing though!

Stay safe everyone and hope to see you all soon


Claire (Receptionist)


 Hope you are all keeping well and safe in these unusual times.

 For me I've used this time as an opportunity to spend time with my husband, which has been lovely.

 We've been following Joe Wicks PE lessons every day which even though it's aimed at children it's been quite challenging and I've realised just how unfit i am. Also doing our daily walks. I think we've all been super lucky that the weather has been so kind to us. (Lets hope it continues when this is over).

 I've also been continuing my Virtual Workshops with WW, (weight watchers) which I'm really enjoying, it's so nice to see people (even if it over a computer screen), just keeping a little bit of normal.

 Been making the most of the technology that we have, by organising family quiz nights over Facebook. I did come last, but I've always been told it's the taking part that count

 I also love doing Cross Stitch so I've been lovely to have more time to do that, I've made and sent cards to my grandparents as they are self isolating alone in the midlands, and I'm missing them lots. It's hard not knowing when I will get to chance to visit them again, but I know if we've good and keep to the rules the sooner that will be.

 I hope you are all keeping safe and well, and doing your best to enjoy this unusual time we've found ourselves in.

 Look forward to seeing you soon.

 Claire xx

Dennis (Dental Nurse)

Hello - just a quick rundown about how I've been getting on in lockdown. It has been great to catch up on all the small jobs that get put off like pulling out and dusting behind the TV, but it has been pretty challenging sharing all of my day with my three children aged 11, 5 and 9 months! Me and my wife are finding home schooling 'interesting' and I am pretty jealous when she gets to leave to go to work! Finding ways to keep the children entertained without the usual comforts of indoor soft play or swimming has been tough but they love going out for a walk every day - even if we go over the hour slightly :) I am missing work greatly and cannot wait to get back to normal again sometime soon.

Di (Receptionist)

As the weather has been so good during lock down I have been able to do a lot of gardening. Now free of weeds for once. For my daily exercise I have been walking every day. Sometimes on the beach and others walking to my Daughters house , ringing the doorbell and stepping back at a safe distance and having a 5 minute chat. Its hard not being able to cuddle the Grandchildren. I usually do some baking which I find very relaxing. Now the weather has changed I will be cooking even more and am starting a jigsaw puzzle. I am reading and doing crosswords and enjoy watching television in the evenings. Still have not defrosted the freezer as I intended to do on the first week ! ! . Oh well that will keep. Stay safe and keep well everyone.

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Disabled Patients

The entrance to the practice is situated on the ground floor so access is very easy for those patients that are in wheelchairs or unable to manage the stairs. There are two dental surgeries and one hygienist surgery situated on the ground floor. However, you need to be able to transfer to the dental chair for examinations and treatment. There is also a toilet on the ground floor that has disabled faclitiies.

 Car Parking

There are several carparks in Stubbington village, including parking bays for disabled patients itself and two within walking distance.

Public Transport

Buses do come to the village on a regular basis from Gosport, Fareham and the surrounding areas. The bus stop is within walking distance of the practice.

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