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Welcome to our dental practice 

This site will provide you useful information about our dental practice and the services we offer. It will enable you to access a broad range of dental information to help keep you and your family dentally fit.

Remember, you can access this site any time of the day or night at your convenience.

We are always keen to hear your views so please feel free to contact the practice if you have any comments concerning the website or the services that we offer.


Update 28/11/2022

Dear Patients,

As we approach the end of another year we want to take the opportunity to once again thank our patients for their continued loyalty and understanding throughout 2022. The practice has almost returned to its pre-covid status with the front door now remaining open. We do ask that patients continue to wear a face mask when attending the practice and use the hand sanitiser provided.  We thank you for your continued co-operation with our practice policies regarding covid.

Our hygienists have now been working extra sessions for a few months now and we hope you have found it easier to schedule your appointments.  They are both still very busy and booking in advance so we recommend you book your next appointments in early.  We are also fully utilising our cancellation list to ensure no appointments go to waste.

As always we would like to express our thanks to the fantastic team at Stubbington Green Dental Practice who continue to go above and beyond to deliver a professional and caring service to each and every patient.

We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment.

Best Wishes

Mark, Ali, Mike, Susan, Vani

Heather, Judith, Jackie, Dawn, Alex, Chrissie and Emily


Update 18/05/2022

Dear Patients,

As we find summer fast approaching we once again wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your patience and understanding over the last few years. We are very happy to see things slowly but surely returning to normal at the practice.

The government have now lifted all covid restrictions however, we as a healthcare facility will continue to follow the same protocols in order to protect both you and our staff. We ask that you use hand sanitiser and wear a face mask to your appointments. As and when our governing bodies offer further updates we will consider loosening current protocols but for now we appreciate your cooperation and thank you for doing your part to keep the practice covid free.

We are pleased to announce that both our hygienists are now working extra sessions to help reduce waiting times and offer slightly more flexibility with appointments. The dentists are still working to a slightly reduced schedule but are very close to returning to their normal clinic times and are working hard to reduce wait times and complete treatments as soon as possible. Of course, as always emergency treatment will be attended to on the day and covered throughout weekends.

We would once again like to express our thanks to the wonderful team we are fortunate enough to have at Stubbington Green Dental Practice who have gone above and beyond to deliver very professional but caring attention to each and every patient.

We look forward to seeing you all at your next appointment and are hopeful we will get some much needed summer sunshine in 2022.

Best wishes

Mark, Ali, Mike, Susan, Vani,

Heather, Judith, Jackie, Dawn, Alex, Dennis and Chrissie


Update March 2022

Dear Patients,

I thought it time for me to thank you all for your patience and understanding through the last couple of years of Covid and the ramifications affecting the day-to-day running of the dental practice, as it strives to provide excellent oral care!

I would like to express my thanks to the wonderful team we are fortunate enough to have at Stubbington Green Dental Practice who have gone above and beyond to deliver very professional but caring attention to each and every patient.

Since June 2020 when we were allowed to reopen, we have managed to return to a new norm of delivering appointments which does throw up challenges to both the practice and patients, - locked front door, temperature checks, hand sanitisation, reduced patient numbers in the waiting room to minimise contact, use of masks within the confines of the practice.

This has resulted in slightly reduced availability of instant appointments and slightly increased waiting times for treatments either with the dentist or hygienist. Of course, emergency treatment will be attended to on the day and covered throughout weekends.

A big thank you to all our patients for your understanding and having to work alongside the Covid virus and although the government is in the process of relaxing regulations, our practice will need to continue with the same protocols, as of the beginning of the pandemic until we are advised to change.

As soon as our medical regulations are advised to be relaxed, we will of course let you all know but until that time, we look forward to welcoming you all at Stubbington and any concerns you might have please don’t hesitate to discuss with any member of staff.

In the meantime, keep safe and well and lets look forward to a super spring ahead.

Best wishes,

Mark, Ali, Mike, Susan, Vani,

Heather, Judith, Jackie, Dawn, Alex, Dennis and Chrissie



Disabled Patients

The entrance to the practice is situated on the ground floor so access is very easy for those patients that are in wheelchairs or unable to manage the stairs. There are two dental surgeries and one hygienist surgery situated on the ground floor. However, you need to be able to transfer to the dental chair for examinations and treatment. There is also a toilet on the ground floor that has disabled faclitiies.

 Car Parking

There are several carparks in Stubbington village, including parking bays for disabled patients itself and two within walking distance.

Public Transport

Buses do come to the village on a regular basis from Gosport, Fareham and the surrounding areas. The bus stop is within walking distance of the practice.

Privacy Policy

Stubbington Green Dental Practice is committed to protecting your privacy online and treats the privacy of its patients very seriously and takes appropriate measures to safeguard it. In the statement below you will find details of how Stubbington Green Dental Practice protects and secures your personal Information.

Questions and Queries

If you have any questions, queries or concerns which are not answered by this Privacy Policy, please write to the Data Protection Officer at: Stubbington Green Dental Practice, 34 The Green, Stubbington, Fareham, Hants. PO14 2LE OR email:

Policy Changes

We regularly review our Privacy Policy to make sure that we continue to meet the highest standards in order to protect your privacy. We reserve the right, at all times to update, modify or amend this policy. We suggest you review our Privacy Policy from time to time to ensure you are aware of any changes we may have made.

What personal Information do we collect?

All members of the team at Stubbington Green Dental Practice pride themselves in providing you with a high standard of dental care and, in order to do this we need to hold the following personal Information about you.

This personal data comprises:

  • Your name, address, your age, your national insurance number/NHS number and the name of your doctor.
  • Your past and current medical and dental health including any medication that has been prescribed to you by your doctor.
  • Information about the treatment we have provided for you or propose to provide, and it’s cost.
  • Radiographs, clinical photographs and study models.
  • Notes of conversations or any incidents that might occur for which a record needs to kept.
  • Records of consent to treatment.
  • Any correspondence relating to you with other health care professionals, for example the hospital or community services.

How is your data secured?

Personal data about you is held in the practice’s computer system and/or in a locked manual filing system. This information is not accessible to the public and can only be accessed by authorised members of staff with authorisation to do so. Our computer system has secure audit trails and we back up information regularly and this back up is stored off site.

Links to other web sites.

Stubbington Green Dental Practice cannot be held responsible for the data policies, procedures or content of any linked website. It is recommended that you check the privacy and security of every website you visit. These websites will each have their own privacy statement which may differ from ours. Therefore please ensure, when you click on any of our links that you read the privacy statement located on the website that you have selected.


You have the right to access the data we hold about you and to receive a copy. Access can be obtained by making a request in writing or person. Your radiographs will be copied where possible upon request from another dentist OR your dentist can request to view them but will be legally obliged to return them to us. We will provide you with a copy of your records within 30 days of receipt of your request for them.    There will be no charge for this service.

We are legally obliged to retain your dental records for 11 years after you have left the practice OR until the age of 25, whichever is sooner.

 Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your browser. The majority of websites use cookies to enhance their web pages to allow functionality such as remembering that you have logged into your account. Cookies are largely used to make websites work or work more efficiently and to increase the user experience that is given. No sensitive data is stored in a cookie and are removed at the end of your session.